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    i love the internet sometimes (x) & (x)

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  5. São Paulo, Brazil

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    Peter Bialobrzeski - Nail Houses & Case Study Homes

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  8. Mad Men 70s Sequel

    - Don Draper becomes heavily addicted to coke and barbituates in order to keep his rapidly increasing weight down, and ends up as a speechwriter for Nixon.

    - Peggy Olsen is the successful editor of a Women’s Lib zine while dabbling in lesbianism.

    - Pete Campbell moves to California to become a porn producer.

    - Paul Kinsey tries to start a disco club in order to fuck black chicks, fails miserably. Briefly tries glam and bisexuality, also fails miserably. 

    - Ken Cosgrove joins the Church of Scientology.

    - Harry Crane was last seen at a congregation of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

    - Roger Sterling mov
    es to Chile to become one of Pinochet’s cronies.

    - Joan Harris flees America to become the trophy wife of a South American general, she meets Roger again and rekindles their romance.

    - Bert lives in isolation in Vegas like Howard Hughes.

    - Sal Romano becomes one of the first New Yorkers to contract HIV/AIDS

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    Pharrell on his way to Coachella

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    Artist Angela Deane Creates Humorous Ghost Paintings on Found Photographs

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